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How to play

Use the clues to enter the numbers in the correct location in the grid.

The following tools are available:

Pencil: Use to make a note. You can select multiple squares at a time when writing with the pencil.

Pen: Use when you are certain of the location of a number. The pen will overwrite anything in the square you are writing in.

Eraser: Use to erase any mistakes. This will rub out both pen and pencil.

Fill in all the spaces to find out if you were correct. Good luck!

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Want More?

To buy more Sudo-Clue online puzzles, individuals can purchase them HERE.

Educators and Schools can purchase licences HERE.

Extra puzzles, as well as a range of other resources, can be purchased through the store.

If you would like to provide feedback, or for any other request, please contact michael@thinksquare.com.au

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